Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Harbacaous plant
There are many herbaceous plants - some are annuals, some are biennials, and some are perennials. These plants are included in the pathway titled "Old Field Herbaceous Plants". As time passes, abandoned fields are invaded by numerous woody shrubs and young trees from nearby forests. . In the forest, many species of large trees grow to heights of 20 - 30 metres, while other smaller trees may attain a stature of 10 to 15 metres. The tallest trees make up the overhead canopy, which overshadows the smaller trees of the subcanopy; for these plants, follow the "Canopy and Subcanopy Trees" pathway. For a summary of the common kinds of plants that occur from spring to fall on the forest floor, follow the pathway "Forest Herbaceous Plants". There are many plants which prefer a moister habitat than that of old fields; these plants are most common along the banks of streams and rivers, in moist meadows, wetlands and bottomlands, and in marshes. For a summary of these plants, follow the pathway "Wetlands and Marshes".



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